LiveClicks™ Webinar Workshops

High-Quality Instruction at Your Convenience


Are you looking for a way to train more employees without the costs of travel and time away from the office?

LiveClicks webinar workshops are delivered over the web to anyone, anywhere.

Our content offerings retain the same high-quality instruction of traditional FranklinCovey training with the ability to roll it out to virtual or distant learners or workers who are not able to leave their desks for extended periods of time. Plus we can build custom webinars that meet your specifics needs.

We have an ever-growing list of titles available to bring into your organizations.

  • Achieve corporate cost savings mandates to reduce business travel
  • Reach more employees
  • Decrease participants time away from their jobs
  • Build custom LiveClicks webinars

Our LiveClicks Webinars put the high-quality FranklinCovey in an easy, accessible format. 

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Upcoming Events

Join us for a one-hour live webinar with a FranklinCovey expert and learn how you can best utilize our live-online solution.

FranklinCovey’s virtual classrooms offer rich experiences with the high-quality instruction of our in-person training built into convenient virtual work sessions. They feature compelling content, award-winning videos, engaging activities, and interactive communication with a live instructor—either a FranklinCovey consultant or a certified facilitator within your organization.

In our 10+ years of live-online delivery experience, we’ve taught hundreds of thousands of participants and certified thousands of facilitators.

The combination of or virtual delivery platforms and engaging instructional design helps our clients achieve Net Promoter Scores equal to those of live in-person training.

Delivering Impactful Learning Online

  • Webinar May 12, 1:00pm NZST


LiveClicks is a solution that eliminates many of today’s training barriers including reaching a distributed workforce and complying with budget reduction. Our online certification process will get you up in running quickly and comfortably, so you are ready to conduct your own LiveClicks webinar workshops.

  • Reach more employees with your training sessions
  • Engage your learners through new techniques of training
  • Become part of a growing delivery channel
  • Keep training initiatives alive even in turbulent times
  • If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can build custom webinars that meet your specific needs.

Available in the all access pass

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The FranklinCovey All Access Pass allows you to expand your reach, achieve your business objectives, and sustainably impact performance. It provides access to a vast library of FranklinCovey content, including assessments, training courses, tools, and resources available live in-person, live online, and On Demand. Download the course summary to see what courses we have available in LiveClicks on the all Access Pass.