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Executing Strategies In The Midst of Daily Urgencies


The 4 Disciplines of Execution® helps leaders drive results, even during uncertain and ambiguous times. These disciplines may make common sense, but they are rarely common practice. ​

1. First, leaders must narrow their focus to the one or two “Wildly Important Goals” that, if achieved, will make all the difference
2. Second, each person must focus on their behaviour on “lead measures” the most predictive activities that will lead to goal achievement
3. Third, leaders need to keep a players scoreboard, so that each person can quickly tell whether or not the team is winning, and making progress toward the goal
4. Finally leaders who execute establish a regular “Cadence of Accountability,” a simple, but purposeful weekly check-in that keeps performance front and centre.

In times of rapid change it is imperative for leaders to narrow their focus to the few most important priorities that will make the biggest difference. Everyone in their team or organisation must understand these priorities and how their daily work connects. With clear goals, strong alignment, and a system for individual commitment and accountability, the best organisations make rapid progress even in times of great uncertainty.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution is operating framework for thousands of teams and organisations world-wide. Learn how you can clarify team goals and take the complexity out of achieving them. And in the process engage your team to achieve those results, in ways that elicit personal responsibility, accountability and success.

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Execute Your Strategic Goals and Breakthrough Results

By Chris McChesney

When you execute a strategy that requires a lasting change in the behavior of other people, you are facing one of the greatest leadership challenges you will ever meet. With The 4 Disciplines of Execution®, you are not experimenting with an interesting theory; you are implementing a set of proven practices that meet that challenge successfully every time.


Discipline 1: Focus on The Wildly Important

Only 15 percent of employees actually know their organisation’s most important goals—either there are no goals or they have too many goals.

Discipline 2: Act on the Lead Measures

Too many people don’t know what critical activities provide the greatest leverage to achieving team goals.

Discipline 3: Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

People play differently when they are keeping score.

Discipline 4: Create a Cadence of Accountability

Fewer than 10 percent of people meet with their manager at least monthly to discuss their progress on work goals.

“Seventy percent of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership. It’s rarely lack of smarts or vision.”


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The 4 Disciplines of Execution Organisational Solution

An organisational wide transformation.

The objective of the 4DX process is to teach leaders how to help their teams execute on their highest priorities in the midst of the whirlwind of the day-to-day. We find that by not just teaching 4DX to leaders, but teaching them to teach and implement the process with their teams, they “own the process” at a deeper level and the results are often groundbreaking. Through thousands of implementations, we have identified four critical milestones that must be achieved for optimal results and engagement.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution - Book

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This organisation-wide transformation process teaches and sustains the behaviors necessary to execute the most important goals. It ensures that managers and employees identify and execute their highest priorities through focusing on the Wildly Important Goals, translating top goals into specific actions, creating a compelling scoreboard, and holding each other accountable. 

The 4 Disciplines of Execution is a simple, repeatable, and proven formula for executing on your most important strategic priorities in the midst of “the whirlwind.” The 4 Disciplines of Execution is not theory. It is a proven set of practices that have been tested and refined by hundreds of organizations and thousands of teams over many years. The 4 Disciplines of Execution represents a new way of thinking and working that is essential to thriving in today’s competitive climate.